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The artists residing in Yuzana Garden City, the residential suburb of Yangon, are exhibiting their art works collectively for third time at Lawka Nat gallery.

The exhibition is called 'Art Garden' and the art works of over 50 artists including Maung D, Maung Htay Aung, Kaung San, Tun Lwin, Than Win Tun, Aung Naing Maw, Hla Phone, T Kyuu and Sa Thu are on display until 29th April between 9am and 5pm.

The more than 90 paintings in this exhibition present various themes, with different styles and techniques.  Some works reflect the  individualism of the artists concerned whereas some contemporary paintings portray the intrinsic social reality of today's Burma.
Some works displayed in this show comment on freedom of expression and social justice which previously would have been rejected in the past under the severe censorship imposed by the State.
                                                                                            Ko Phone 
                                                                                            translated by Ko Phyo
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The unusual poems collection, which were originally written and distributed clandestinely with Zaw Min Htike Kyaw’s calligraphy and Htein Lin illustrations inside Myaung Mya prison by political prisoners in 2003, has been published by Kaung Kin Publishing House in this Burmese new year.

This collection is printed version of the original pages of the booklet produced in the prison. The poems were written by Ye Mon (maung Tin Thit), Phone Thet paing, Artist htein Lin, Yin maung (Artist Hlaing Win Swe), Tin naing Tun and Ye Win Zaw.

The poets, the writers and the former political prisoners of Myaung Mya Gaol attended collectively the book launch reception taken place in New Zero Art Space at the end of Thingyan water festival of Burmese new year celebration on 19th of April.
At the reception, one of the contributors Yin Maung, formerly known as Artist Hlaing Win Swe had shared his recollections of literary movement carried out by the inmates of Myaung Mya Gaol. Since early 2000s, Myaung Mya Gaol prisoners had initiated their literary movement by smuggling literature books with some prison staff’s assistance and produced a certain number of poem booklets.
The movement gained momentum after Artist Htein Lin and Poet Maung Tin Thit were moved from Mandalay Goal and they had managed to produce more booklets. ‘However, it never crossed my mind that the original pages produced inside the prison will have a chance to publish 10 years after in the outside world,’ said Yin Maung.

During the process of reformation (in terms of altering censorship and publishing laws) taken place in Burma, this unconventional handwritten poems collection originally produced in the prison 10 years ago is exceptionally unique in comparison with the computer-typed poetry books.

This poems collection is now available in every bookstore in Yangon.

                                                                                     Ko Phone

                                                                                     translated by Ko Phyo

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On 27th of February, the state- run newspapers published a draft press and publication bill but failed to mention which particular organisation had produced this proposed legislation. In the middle of strong criticisms among the journalists who have been demanding a meaningful and genuine freedom of press, the government ministry of Information submitted the bill to the Parliament.  

Before the draft bill has come out, it is understood that the interim press council; formed by the president office and also recognised by the Information Ministry; is given the responsibility to draft a legislation of media ethics, press and news media. The Information Ministry itself assigned this commission to the interim council but the council was totally excluded and ignored when the draft bill came to the light from out of nowhere. The journalists are convincing that it is outrageous misconduct by the ministry for its failure to seek any input from media professionals and the interim council.

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A young artist MKM’s first art solo show titled as ‘About Yangon’ to reflect his urbanized conceptualism was hosted at Loka Nat Art gallery between 4th and 9th of March, 2013.  The paintings were as huge as 60X90 inches each. The significant creation was the fact that each painting was drawn on the merger of three small pieces of canvas with the vertical lines rather than using a single canvas to produce more excitable dimensions of Yangon city’s landscapes.

Rakhine national MKM is from Sittwe but studied art at National University of Art and Culture in 2004. He started participating in art exhibitions with other fellow artists since 2003. His paintings have been showing regularly at the Orient Art Gallery since 2007. He is also a member of Loka Nat gallery.
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A stupa, gilded, may

Evoke piety.

In Myanmar

Only modern folk go in for Karaoke.

‘Yours faithfully’ exists

Only on comely postcards.

Yane dancers, herds of sheep


Emergency firecrackers

Seasonable health.

It’s strange to be handwalking

When people are on their feet.


Thitsar Ni

Translated by ko ko thett

picture by htein lin