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Acrylic on canvas series is one sort of intellectual, psychological, emotional and conceptual art works presented by new aspect and new dimensional insight through usual presentation. These works are made directly squeezed from acrylic tube. To create it is very exciting and it brings unexpected beauty, freedom, happiness and philosophy. You can expect the unexpected and paints.

In the series I used new squeeze technique to make painting and paints from as well as Myanmar traditional cultural values rooted in my heart since childhood. Besides, I believe that it allows us to expand aesthetic horizon and intellectual maturity through life experience and art experiences. Your apprehension will be in your new zone of eye and brain through your familiar visual area.

Thank you.

Myat Kyawt


(The program detail and sample art work: see below)

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Just by chance

not to likely

just because the reason is unclear

doesn't mean

we won't know one day

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A title like the one that heads up this article is the sort of phrase you pull out of the bag in a debating contest. You then have to fill the allotted time with whatever comes to mind, regardless of whether it is true or not. But what I am going to tell you now is no product of my imagination. It is a tale of when I genuinely was a lousy millionaire.


I imagine that by now you are wondering what I, Artist Htein Lin, might be about to reveal about my life as a lousy millionaire. Perhaps a tale of wealth accrued in a logging deal? A lucky gem strike? Although those of you who know me well are probably already expecting me to recount you a crazy mixed up nonsense tale. 


Perhaps. But mine is not a story of a man whose wealth derives from monetary millions. My millionaire riches can be attributed to the abundance of lice on my head. A bit like the old Maung Wunna song in the movies, that we used to tease each other by changing the words:


“Abundant, abundant,

The hair of my love

Abundant with lice.”