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‘Dance & Colours’, an art solo exhibition by Rakhine national Thein Sai was on display for five days in May 8-12 at Thiri gallery of Mandalay city. This was the 20th exhibition of this young talented artist Thein Sai, who started showing his works locally and internationally since 2004, and he is also multi award winning artist as follow: The Myanmar Youth Painting (2nd
prize-2004), Elephant Prize (20-Finalist-2006), Elephant Prize ((1th prize-2007), Beauty of Myanmar (III) (Special Prize-2007), Myanmar National Portrait Competiting (20-Finalist-2011) and The Myanmar Youth Painting (1th prize-2012). In this ‘Dance & Colours’ show, the paintings he presented were portraying the traditional dance moves of Burmese female dancer. ‘Since the hosting city Mandalay has got very rich artistic cultural heritage, many of local artists and art appreciators attended the exhibition and provided their suggestions and opinions. There were 21 paintings in total I had exhibited in this show and 5 of them were sold!’, Thein Sai says. Kaung Kin has learned that the artist will get involved in a group exhibition at Lawka Nat gallery of Yangon city in September.