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The artists residing in Yuzana Garden City, the residential suburb of Yangon, are exhibiting their art works collectively for third time at Lawka Nat gallery.

The exhibition is called 'Art Garden' and the art works of over 50 artists including Maung D, Maung Htay Aung, Kaung San, Tun Lwin, Than Win Tun, Aung Naing Maw, Hla Phone, T Kyuu and Sa Thu are on display until 29th April between 9am and 5pm.

The more than 90 paintings in this exhibition present various themes, with different styles and techniques.  Some works reflect the  individualism of the artists concerned whereas some contemporary paintings portray the intrinsic social reality of today's Burma.
Some works displayed in this show comment on freedom of expression and social justice which previously would have been rejected in the past under the severe censorship imposed by the State.
                                                                                            Ko Phone 
                                                                                            translated by Ko Phyo