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Burmese mainstream poems are to reflect the changes occurring within the society so that the ups and downs of the society define the alterations of the mainstream poems. Burmese contemporary poetry departed the traditional forms and techniques in its structure since 1970s and gained momentum in its development accordingly with the local and international situations. Now it has been 40 years since the contemporary forms are initiated in Burmese poetry. 

During these 40 years, Burmese poetry has encountered the consecutive changes of the history such as the period of mono party dictatorship, a long journey of the struggle for democracy beginning in 1988, the reign of military dictatorship and finally the reformation age to reach the democratic society. In these consecutive ages, a number of Burmese poets including Moe Oo Swe Nyein create the poems with a great deal of passions responding to the society in spite of the difficulties they have encountered.

The poems collection of Moe Oo Swe Nyein titled as ‘Politics is added since the poetry itself is infrequent’ is published in early 2013 by Lin Thit Yaung Zin publication. 46 poems in total written by Moe Oo Swe Nyein since mid 90s are included in this collection. The preface is written by the literary theorist Min Khet Ye who claims, ‘The title- ‘Politics is added since the poetry itself is infrequent’ may be regarded as a personal literary theory of the poet that he discovered from his life experience and which is also reflecting the conditions of his course in creation process. The significant changes in term of the trends in his poems are shifting his focus; from his own existence to the society and politics he is living in and encountering; which can be seen in the poems written the period of 2010, 2011 and 2012.’

Moe Oo Swe Nyein has become attached to the poem writing during the struggle for democracy in 1988 when he started writing the political poems. ‘Eclipse of Love’ published in Phuu Pwint Wai Wai Magazine in April 1997 is his first poem to have published in the Magazines. Since then, he becomes a regular contributor to the magazines and also published the poem collections with the other fellow poets.
                                                                                                 Ko Phone
                                                                                               Translated by Ko Phyo